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Fédération des Associations Régionales Haïtiennes de la Diaspora
Haiti from above

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Here are some of our projects:

1-Scholarship Funds (Haiti):

Being implemented in all 10 departments of the country: 74 children for the 2014/2015 school year. Tens of children still on waiting lists for this

school year. Contributors needed ASAP.


2- Kay Pa Nou (Haiti):

There will be at least one in each department.


3- Orphanages (Haiti):

There will be at least one in each department.


4- Farehd Annual Contest (Haiti):

For High School students only. Schools will compete in their departments throughout the year. The ten winners will be gathered in Port-au-Prince or another city during one week for the finals. The winner will receive the price of excellence.


5- Haiti Green (Haiti):

In partnership with other organizations.


6- Farehd Annual Soccer Tournament (Haiti):

Will follow the same format as Farehd Annual Contest.


7- Kredi Fanm (Haiti)


8- Farehd Revolving Fund (Worldwide):

In an effort to create jobs mostly in Haiti, Haitians and friends of Haiti will be encouraged to put their

resources together in order to invest in serious and well planned projects.


 9- Farehd Annual Bible Contest (Haiti):

For churches from all denominations.


10- Farehd Annual Reading Contest (Haiti):

For students in primary school only .Same format as the Annual Contest.


11-Farehd Food Pantry (USA).

Being implemented in Florida in partnership with other nonprofit organizations such as Hermon Community Services Center.


12- Farehd Community Center (Worldwide):

A place where Haitians living abroad can go to get services and information. There will be at least one in each chapter.


13- Pisciculture (Haiti, Grand'Anse):

Cost :$52,987.50


14- Stockage de grains (Haiti, Grand'Anse):

Cost :$15,565.00


15- Transformation de fruits (Haiti, Grand'Anse):

Cost :$60,203.00

There are many

ways to contribute

  1. By sending a check (make sure to write in the memo the department you want to help). Checks must be sent to our mailing address: 1598 SW 193 Ter, Pembroke Pines, FL 33029
  2. ​By making a deposit in the following bank account opened at Bank of America: 2290-2807-2765
  3. ​​Securely make a donation using your debit or credit card. If you want a receipt, please email the transaction 

If you live in Broward County, FL, we can refer you to a Food Pantry.

An informational program is aired every Tuesday at 7:00 PM on Radio Haiti Amerique Internationale (980 AM / /  832-225-5338)

Farehd Forum "Echange" is every last Tuesday from 9 to 10 PM on 712-432-1500 x 268943. Haitians and friends of Haiti meet there to learn something new or be reminded something they already know and discuss how the diapora can better help our beloved country.

Referral for Food Pantry